Coronavirus Update: The Clinic is Now Closed

This has been a really tough decision to make. As the Government advice has become stronger and stronger, we’ve wrestled with whether we should should remain open or close for business. I’ve personally had sleepless nights, mulling it all over but feel that the right thing to do is to close the clinic for the forseeable future.

Although we could stay open and continue to treat, the issue is really about social distancing and isolation. The Government advice is very clear and that is to reduce as much movement and interaction as possible. Encouraging people to come into clinic is in direct conflict with gyms, restaurants, cafes, shops, parks etc all being closed down. I think the message is clear.

To offer as much help as we can to our wonderful patients at this difficult time, I’m going to be offering online/video consultations where we can discuss symptoms, offer advice and then send over exercises that can be done to help. It’s not the same as hands-on treatment but at the moment it’s the best that I can do. I don’t want to leave you in the lurch and sometimes advice can make a big difference. If you’d like to book one of these, email me at and I’ll put it in the dairy.

Obviously we have no idea how long we’ll be closed for but we’ll be active on the Facebook page and always at the other end of the phone, so if you want to discuss anything, give me a call on 0115 981 5134 and I’ll happily talk it all through with you :)

Fingers crossed, this will all be resolved in a relatively short time and we can get everything back to normal again.

Take care, stay safe and hopefully we’ll get through this together

Richard & The Team

PS Don’t forget to wash your hands
PPS And stay indoors whenever you can :)

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