What To Expect PDF

Not seen an osteopath before? Here’s a guide to what to expect from your first appointment (PDF file download)

How To Book Your Appointment

To book your osteopathy or sports massage appointment:


First Osteopathy Appointment = £65 (60 mins)

  • The first appointment consists of taking a full medical history and performing diagnostic tests to diagnose the presenting condition
  • From here, a plan for treatment will be defined and discussed prior to treatment
  • The treatment is tailored to each patient and may involve stretching, soft tissue massage, joint manipulation and exercise advice
  • Any techniques will only be performed with the consent and permission of the patient

First Appointment Baby / Child= £75 (60 mins)

  • These specialist appointments require additional training and education
  • Similar to an adult first appointment, this involves taking a full medical history and performing diagnostic tests to diagnose the presenting condition.
  • The questions and discussion are more specialised to your baby or child and would include consideration of the pregnancy, birth and any subsequent health issues.
  • From here, a diagnosis and plan for treatment will be defined and discussed prior to treatment
  • After the appointment, Richard will be available by telephone and email for any follow-up queries and concerns

Follow Up Osteopathy Appointment = £45 (30 mins)

  • Based on the results of your first appointment, further treatment can then be carried out
  • The number and frequency of appointments is dependant on the condition diagnosed and the patient as an individual
  • We will never ask for payment up-front for multiple appointments


If you would like to bring somebody along to sit in on the appointment with you, please feel free to do so. All our treatment rooms have plenty of space for an extra chair and we’d be happy to accommodate them. We cannot provide chaperones on your behalf however.

For babies, we’re happy for both parents to attend the appointment.

Payment Methods

Payment by credit/debit card, contactless of Chip-and-Pin or cash please. If this isn’t possible, please contact us as payment can be made in advance by Paypal or bank transfer, on request. We do not offer credit or accept cheques.

Health Insurance

Moore Osteopathy is registered with a number of private health insurance companies including WPA, Cigna and Vitality, which will usually cover the cost osteopathic treatments. Please check with your provider before booking an appointment to be covered by health insurance. Please mention your insurer at time of booking. We do not bill the insurer directly, we take payment at the time of appointment and then provide a receipt for you to claim back your fees.

Cancellation Policy & Terms

If booked appointments are not met or are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a charge equal to the full cost of treatment is due and must be paid before any further treatment can take place.

Any appointments cancelled earlier than 24 hours will not be liable to charge.

Payment must be made at time of appointment by cash or credit/debit card, please ensure that you have the means to pay before the appointment begins. Please do not ask for credit.

In the case of pre-paid vouchers, an appointment booked in but not attended, without prior notification, is taken as being redemption of that voucher. There will be no exceptions.

Complaints Policy

We always aim to provide the best service possible, but if you’re not completely satisfied, here’s what to do: How to make a complaint.