Public speaking – eek!

As some of you probably know, I’ve agreed to do a public speaking event in a few weeks time and am knee-deep in all the research and preparation at the moment. Of course, I’m a little (!) nervous but apart from the usual fears of embarrassment and making mistakes etc, my biggest fear is not being able to put across the really important message that I want to convey, in an engaging way.

I’m talking at the Public Health and Primary Care Event at the NEC on the 21st May about the work that we do at the clinic with unsettled babies  to a group of GPs, midwives, consultants etc. They estimate about 800 in the audience!

It’s a subject that I know well and that I’m passionate about but how do I convey that? Part of my research has been watching a variety of TED talks, which I love. They show the best public speakers at the top of their game, talking about subjects that are diverse and often abstract, but always extremely interesting.

I found this one the other week and I think it’s my favourite so far – absolutely brilliant. Ken Robinson talks about creativity in schools – you won’t regret taking 20 mins to watch this :)

After the event I’ll be sharing my talk and my research, so watch this space. If I can be 10% as interesting as the above video, I’ll be a happy man :)


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