Laurie Hartman Osteopathy Masterclass

As osteopaths, it’s really important that we continue to develop our skills, learn new approaches, experience alternative ┬áideas and stay abreast of research. It’s also important that we continually refine our techniques to maximise the effects of our treatments.

Richard recently attended a ‘Masterclass’ taught by pioneering osteopath Laurie Hartman, widely regarded as being one of the leading teachers of osteopathic technique, with over 50 years of teaching experience around the world!

Here’s what Richard had to say about the course:

Although his Handbook of Osteopathic Technique can probably be found in every osteopath’s library, it pales in comparison to instruction by the man himself!

The day absolutely flew by as we quickly moved from methods of assessment to refining our techniques to learning new approaches to common problems. His technique is absolutely flawless – quick, easy, effective and minimally invasive for the patient.

I can only hope that I’ll have a fraction of his ability as I develop over my osteopathic career!

So, a day very well spent! Expect to see a few tweaks to Richard’s treatments as he puts some of these new techniques into practice :)

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