We’ve had another lovely review in

We’re ready proud of the fantastic bunch of patients that we treat and always welcome feedback about the treatments that we offer. Last week we had this rather fantastic feedback from the mum of one of our younger patients:

Richard has been wonderful with my son whom I took for Osteopathy work when he was just 10 days old. I wanted to have my son checked for lasting effects following his ventouse delivery. I have since had follow up appointments (at my request not at Richard’s suggestion) three times over the last four months to help my son with Colic, constipation and most remarkably of all, for difficulties with breastfeeding. My son had tensions in one side of his jaw which was making it incredibly difficult for him to fully open his jaw and exacerbated symptoms of a “slight” posterior tongue tie; Richard worked wonders with this and as a result my son began opening his mouth fully and latching far better than he had done previously, thus avoiding surgical procedure for his tongue tie correction. Richard has been very attentive, gentle and understanding with my son and I have seen him relax completely on Richard’s table which is absolutely fantastic. I can’t recommend Richard highly enough with his work with infants.

If you’re interested in our treatment of babies, why not visit our Osteopathy for Babies page and see how we could help.

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