Talking posture in The Evening Post

After appearing in the Daily Mail the other week, the Nottingham Evening Post asked me to take part in a bigger article focussing on the effects of bra wearing on back pain and posture.

Richard Moore, Nottingham Osteopath

Osteopath Richard Moore, of Moore Osteopathy in West Bridgford and Ruddington, says he regularly sees women who are experiencing a catalogue of health problems due to wearing the wrong sized bra.

“I see a lot of people that have neck, shoulder and back pain from an ill-fitting bra. You can definitely draw a connect between the two,” says Richard.

He says that a badly-fitting bra, especially one that’s too tight on the back, can cause a women to slouch and stoop. This can cause aches and pains in the neck and back and even problems with digestion and breathing.

“Often what happens is that the chest width – so the number part – is too tight. It compresses the lower ribs and stops them moving when you breathe,” says Richard.

“The opening and closing of the ribs when you breathe helps to improve flood flow to the area of digestion.

“Also, if it’s too tight in terms of the shoulder straps, it tends to pull you forward and that affects the mobility of your stomach contents flowing through quite so well. It makes you more prone to constipation and a slow digestive tract which are often symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).”

You can read the full article on the Evening Post website.

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