Kinesiotape/RockTape for CrossFit

I’ve been using kinesiotape/RockTape for nearly a year now and I’ve always felt that CrossFit was particularly well-suited to the benefits that the tape offer, from improving muscle mobility to tissue recovery to posture correction, so I was extremely pleased to treat a CrossFit-ter recently for a shoulder issue.

After a full assessment and treatment of an early case of should impingement, we did some taping. As the pain was worst on overhead presses, the aim was to reduce compression through the upper fibres of trapezius and levator scapula, whilst improving the fascial movement in the upper limb. Results were great:

It worked really well. Especially on Friday it felt it’s supporting the right posture and pulling my shoulders back. It also sticked really well still after working out and showering, only the endings came off a bit.

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