What to do if You Have a Complaint

Our aim is to get you back to your full potential as quickly as we can, so we certainly hope you won’t have any complaints.  However, sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan, and we want you to know how you can handle any problems.

First Thing

The first thing to do is let us know as soon as possible: it’s always easier to resolve a problem straight away.  

We promise that we will:

  • Take your complaint seriously
  • Work to resolve your complaint promptly and in confidence
  • Where appropriate we will learn lessons and use them to improve our service

Here’s how to contact us:

  • Telephone: 0115 9815134
  • Email: info@mooreosteopathy.co.uk
  • Letter: Practice Manager, Moore Osteopathy, 128a Melton Road, West Bridgford NG2 6EP

Whichever method you use, we will make sure that your concern is recorded in your case notes, and we will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  If you write, email or leave a message we will get back to you before the end of the next working day to let you know what we are doing.

Here’s what we will aim to do once we hear about your complaint (this might take a couple of days):

  • We’ll look into your case notes and/or speak to the member of staff concerned to find out what happened
  • We’ll contact you with our findings in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable solution. 
  • We’ll try to work out what we can do to ensure that a similar problem does not arise again

If you are not satisfied with what we’re doing, we will arrange for you to speak to one of the clinic directors, either face-to-face or by phone.

If You Still Aren’t Satisfied

If you still don’t feel that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction you can talk to an independent source about it by ringing the Institute of Osteopathy on Freephone 0800 110 5857, or email enquiries@iOsteopathy.org.

The institute of Osteopathy is the representative body for UK osteopaths and they have a very successful record of helping patients who have concerns about their treatment.

The Last Resort

The highest authority for osteopaths is the General Osteopathic Council, a statutory body, set up by Act of Parliament to regulate the profession.  If your complaint is very serious, or concerns safety then you have the option of making a formal complaint to the GOsC.  

You can do this through their website (www.osteopathy.org.uk/standards/complaints/) or by phone on 0207 357 6655. 

Please note that the General Osteopathic Council cannot award compensation.