Simran Kaur – Associate Osteopath

Simran Kaur Associate Osteopath
Simran graduated from The College of Osteopaths with a Bachelor’s Degree in Osteopathy after 4 years part-time study and is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council. She has also worked within her family’s pharmacy business, helping it to grow and develop into a holistic wellness centre. As part of this role she has worked with phlebotomy and IV therapies.

Prior to joining us, Simran spent time with both Richard and Terry as a student, observing how they worked and their approach to patients in the clinic.

“Patient understanding and education is something I am extremely passionate about, working as a holistic practitioner I believe it is important for the patient to feel empowered and confident with regards to improving their health and lifestyle. There can be a variety of contributing factors to patients’ pain such as diet, stress and exercise which I believe should be taken into account when treating patients. Supporting them with appropriate exercise and stretches is also something that is important to me as I have seen the benefit it has on the overall treatment outcomes for patients.”

Simran Kaur Osteopath