Terry Emery – Associate Osteopath

Terry EmeryTerry is a graduate from the College of Osteopaths (Staffordshire University) and holds a BOst degree in Osteopathy.  He also has diplomas in Soft Tissue Manipulation and Articulation and Remedial Massage.

Terry works with a wide range of people from different backgrounds including office and factory workers, committed gym users, mixed martial artists, grapplers, swimmers, runners, heroic weekend warriors and those of latter years.

“I’ve had an interest in training and nutrition from an early age. In fact the first book I ever read was Earl Mindell’s the Vitamin Bible.

I trained many times a week in various sports throughout my life and was injury free until I hit my forties and then things started to get harder and far more painful. Everyone used to comment on the amount of pain killers and anti inflammatory pills I took. Neck back shoulders elbows knees injury after injury. Training wasn’t fun anymore.

After I had many successful treatments from an osteopath and a remedial therapist I was able to kick the pain relief, prevent further injury and my performance and range of movement got so much better. I wanted to help others to do the same.

Terry Emery Associate of the YearAfter receiving my Diploma in Remedial therapy the first person I treated called me a week later and said her back felt amazing and that she had been able to sleep throughout the night without waking up in pain. I couldn’t have been happier.”

Terry was a Finalist in the Institute of Osteopathy “Associate of the Year” Awards in 2023.