Patient Testimonials

I have treated all kinds of conditions and injuries and have a diverse client base. Here are some of their comments:

“After suffering with very sore knees while going through an intense cycling training plan, I decided to visit Richard to find out exactly what was wrong. Richard performed a full medical history and got to work on diagnosing where the problem was coming from. It was obvious it was an ITB related issue, however he didn’t just dive straight in with treatment – he worked with me to find the cause of the issue to try and stop the pain returning. Stretches were recommended as well as some training tips and of course, direct treatment. The intense pain has never returned, and I’ve returned multiple times to keep me loose when I know things are tighten up. Richard is professional in his approach and I can recommend him highly to anyone who is looking for help with sporting or non-sporting related pains and injuries.” Martin S

“I was suffering from repeated bouts of intense chest/back pain and after several incorrect diagnoses by my GP, I was slowly coming to the end of my tether! I visited Rich for a second opinion and during our session he listened intently as I explained my symptoms in detail. This in conjunction with physical examination (which my doctor had completely failed to do!) led Rich to suggest a possible problem with my gall bladder. I returned to my GP with the confidence to demand further tests and after being referred for an ultrasound scan, discovered that I had gallstones and would require surgery. The relief at finally finding out the cause of my problem was huge! I cannot thank Rich enough for his thorough and caring approach. Finally discovering that there is a way to prevent the ongoing pain will be life changing.” Sarah C

“With all of the training I do, my body is always tired and beaten up. Rich is the first person I go to when I need my body working to its full potential. I have had several sessions with Rich and always make sure I see him before a fight. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Dan Hardy, UFC fighter

“From my own experience I can testify that to seek Rich’s expert help is to put yourself in the hands of a skilled practitioner. His professional qualifications apart, one of Rich’s strengths is the care he takes to listen to what a patient says before ever suggesting what treatment he believes best for you. Like me I’m sure you’ll be glad you made an appointment.” Colin S

“I hurt my shoulder in July and was far from home in a foreign country. Rich was able to diagnosis my shoulder injury and provide quality treatment for over 3 months. I was most impressed with Rich on the first appointment, he took his time and obtained my history to fully understand my injury. From there, he provided me various exercises I should perform between sessions. Rich did an outstanding job and would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Rich!” Michael M

“My back is so much better. Thanks for all you have done for me. I will recommend you to anybody who could benefit from your expertise.” Andrea M

“I believe i could not have done this (100 mile charity bike ride) without the sports massage, most of my pains had gone by Saturday. I recommended you to our club.” Martyn C

“Rich was very professional in his approach to my sessions. I have had back trouble for years without finding any way of easing the pain. By talking through my pain and the lifestyle I lead, Rich was able to assess my situation and develop a plan for me. He talked me through each element of the massage to enable me to understand what was happening, and better understand how I could also help myself through my lifestyle choices between sessions. I am pleased to say that after a while, my back pain diminished significantly! It was so reassuring to have that knowledge of my situation and understand ways that I could look after my back better.” Faith B

“I can highly recommend this sports massage service. I have been treated by various physios and chiropractors over the years for a  long standing back problem. Richard has provided the best treatment that I have found – giving me relief from pain by deep tissue massage and being able to explain how the different muscles affect each other. Thankyou.” Fiona B